How can we help?

This is a free comparison website for people who want to save time and money when buying a removals service. We can help you find some of the best deals on the internet through our UK network of companies, many of whom work exclusively with us. We use big, small, local and national organisations to get you a good mixture of quotes.

Whether you're looking to move in the UK, you're moving abroad, or, your company is looking for a professional office remover; we can help. We specialise in matching furniture and commercial removal companies to movers like you.

But, most importantly, by getting all your quotes from a single place you should save plenty of time (and hopefully money too). Imagine how long it will take to find all those different organisations and leave your moving details with each!

What are house removals?

This seems to be a term that is used pretty exclusively in the UK to mean the use of a service to help you to move home. In Australia they use the term removalists and in the USA they say movers.

Whatever you call it, essentially it refers to a company helping you to move home or office. In most instances you will get to choose exactly how much work you do yourself and how much you leave to the remover. For example, some people prefer to pack themselves (see below) and some prefer to hire someone.

Why do removal costs vary so much?

As we've noted above, moving can be tailored to suit specific needs and, for that reason, there is a greater variety of services available - from a basic man-and-van to a full-service move. The former have become increasingly popular as people look to save on their costs by doing much of the hard work themselves. But there are obvious disadvantages because, while offering great value, they are not professionals. Your goods should be far safer with a specialist.

To pack, or, not to pack?

We did a quick straw poll in the office to see what we felt was the worst thing about moving and we all said the same thing; packing. Its only when you start to empty the kitchen cupboards that you realse how much stuff you've actually got. It can be a depressing feeling when you've spent a week putting things in boxes but the pictures are still on the walls, the fridge is full and the garage is still heaving with junk! Its then that you wish that the removal gods would come down and lend a hand.

We suggest you think long and hard about whether to use a professiona packing service. If you've got plenty of time then doing it yourself is a good way to save money, but, if you work fulltime then you should consider how much stress and time you could save.

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