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Officially part of Staffordshire and located within the larger area of the West Midlands; Wolverhampton, after Birmingham itself represents the largest metropolitan area within this part of England. Growing from roots as an early market town it now has many business connections nowadays having been primarily an industrial base previously.

Early indications of settlement here date back as far as 659 but no concrete evidence exists to support that claim. However there is little doubt that the town of Wolverhampton was an important battleground between the Saxons and the Danes in 910. Much later, during the 14th and 15th centuries, it is commonly believed that Wolverhampton held a fairly prominent role in the woollen trade, a theory supported by the presence of a woolpack on the current coat of arms. The Victorian era saw Wolverhampton grow to be a fairly affluent area with the availability of coal and iron deposits nearby, fuelling considerable industry within the town. The arrival of the railway in 1837 and a large amount of immigration during those times made Wolverhampton a quickly expanding and industry rich city. This would change however, much like most industrial centres and the city would have to find new ways of driving its economy.

To get to Wolverhampton by road is remarkably easy. The M6, M5 and M54 are all within 7miles of the city centre giving the town great access to the motorway network as a whole. The city itself has an orbital road of its own which serves largely to keep traffic out of what is a very busy and overcrowded city centre. The city’s railway station is on the West Coast mainline, linking it and the surrounding area with London, as well as other large cities such as Manchester and Birmingham. On a smaller more local scale is the Midlands Metro, a light railway linking some of the towns in the area as well as some of the more suburban outposts, and there are plans to extend this to form a city centre loop. Finally, although Wolverhampton has an airport of its own with many plans to make it bigger, Birmingham remains the nearest airport with true capacity close at hand.

Wolverhampton is also a thriving retail centre with plans to expand further. There are two large and modern shopping centres; Wolfrun and The Manders, both offering a great range of famous shopping names mixed with restaurants, coffee shops and a few smaller stores also. The city is now home to many large company headquarters, particularly in the engineering, electronics and general service sectors, giving the city a fair bit of economic strength which allows it to develop its retail facility to accommodate an expanding population. There is sport available here too with Wolverhampton Wanderers always well supported and horse racing nearby too giving a good range of entertainment within a short drive.

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